Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smarter by the day...

Our big girl is a little sponge!! You can teach her anything and she will do it within a matter of days. She is so curious and loves to learn!! When you ask her where things are, she will crawl over to it and point. She knows which saying say what on her walls in her bedroom. I taught her to wave her hand in front of her nose when I ask her if she is stinky, and to do a funny mouth trick which you just have to see for yourself.

She continues to LOVE water!! We put away the monkey pool for the summer so now she wants to play in Tim's cup of water. The colder the better! She loves sticking her whole arm in, splash around, then pull her hand out and open and close it to "feel" the water. Her giggles are contagious!! She can clap on demand, loves pat-a-cake, this little piggy, and loves to brush her own hair (well kind of :) ).

She coninues to be a little book worm. Every morning and evening, she will sit on your lap for as long as you will read to her. This can be for hours!!

We are also teaching her shapes and how to take care of her baby doll (no there are no little ones on the way), but she loves to learn and play with both of them.

We still love to go for walks in the stroller as well. We cannot imagine our lives without our precious little girl!!

What kid doesn't love to play in the laundry basket!?

Our little book worm!

Feeling Dadda's water...she loves it!!

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  1. Kam has that same outfit! I love it. :)
    I can't believe that Addison is getting so big. She sounds like she is a riot.