Saturday, February 18, 2012

7 months old..... Already!!!

Wow!!! Time sure does fly when you have a little one!! Miss Addison turned 7 months on the 15th!! According to a rough weigh at home using our digital scale, she is 13 pounds!! We have also increased her feedings to almost 5oz every 3 hours.

She is progressing well since our last post. We have been working diligently with her on her "floor exercises". She is much better with her trunk control and can sit up for 10-15 seconds before toppling over (which is what she should do). She will scoot towards toys with a hand behind her feet..... although sometimes with her face ON the floor instead of holding it up.

She loves her toes, especially if she is in a sleeper with "funny feet" that have something on them. When sitting up, she will fold right in two in order to eat her funny feet. We can hold up toys in front of her and she will grab them from us too. Tim will tease her and put her pipe in his mouth. She looks at him, laughs, and then takes it out of his mouth and puts it in hers. Sometimes she will even hold her pipe out in front of her and just talk to it :). The other thing she loves is books!!! Our favorite is the "Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boynton (actually all of her books are great!) where belly buttons are called "bee-boos". When we put Addison on her changing table we push on her belly button and say "Bee-boo!!"--she smiles every time!

We are absolutely having a blast with her!!!

This sleeper says "Daddy's Sweetie"

Here is the back side :)

She launched herself over the monkey during tummy time

She loves to be snuggly.....and eat tie blankets :)

Addison loves to snuggle by Daddy

Sleepy Babe...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Time for an Update!!!

I still cannot believe how quickly time goes by!! Addison is 6 1/2 months old already!! She went for her 6 month checkup at the pediatrician which she loved!!! (Well, except for the shots!) This appt Mommy AND Daddy were there to giver her love afterwards. Addison LOVED the crinkley paper that sits over the table. She was talking up a storm and would not let go of the paper when the Dr picked her up. She is hilarious!! The Dr was very happy with her progress overall. She still is not on the growth chart for a 6 month old but according to her adjusted age she is 75th percentile for length (go figure she might be tall!!) and between 10th and 25th for weight.

She was also evaluated by the Early On nurse. She didn't quite pass her assessment, but I was trying to keep her awake which didn't help her show off her best gross motor skills. She doesn't sit up quite as long as she should and needs to start to "scoot" while on her tummy. This means more time in her bumbo and on her tummy. However, she does not stay on her tummy more than a few seeconds and then she rolls over. We force her to stay on her tummy and try to distract her with toys which works sometimes but other times she is just too smart for us!!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.

Lookin up at Daddy from her play pen..

Trying out her exersaucer...

Hanging out with Mommy...

 Getting weighed at the Dr

 Getting checked out by Dr Phil...