Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ready for Summer!!

We are so excited for summer!! After being cooped up for all of flu/pneumonia season... we are ready to enjoy the outside!! Addison made her first trip of many to Sandy Pines to see  Grandpa and Grandma Sall. When we got there, they had found her her own little chair!! She loved it but she hardly sits still for 2 minutes to stay in it!! We also introduced her to the golf cart... I don't think she will ever turn down a golf cart ride. She LOVED the wind in her face and was laughing and jabbering the whole time. Tim and I joked that she probably ate a bug at some point :).

We bought her swimmie diapers, a swim suit, floppy hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. She looks so cute in her hat, but HATES anything on her head! We can't wait for all the fun things we will get to do for the first time with her this summer since she was too small last summer. We will keep the pictures coming!!

Loves to eat her piggies

Happy Babe :)

She met one of the neighbor's puppies.... NO we are NOT getting one!! ;)

Tim took her geocaching...


11 months

One of MANY tongue tricks!!

Sitting at SP in her new chair from Grdpa and Grdma Sall!

Golf Cart!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our BIG girl

We seriously cannot believe how quickly our little miracle is growing up! In no time she has mastered crawling but has gone right in to learning to walk. She will hold our fingers and walk and giggle as long as you will walk with her. She can pull herself up on furniture and stand in place. She knows she is big stuff and will grin and giggle the whole time.

She is in need of learning what the word "no" means. She will crawl and get a hold of anything and everything that is NOT a toy! ;)

Here are a few more recent pics :)