Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Wow!!! How time has gotten away from us!! Between all our events, holiday get togethers, and working my weekends... I have not blogged in a while!! We apologize to our out of state family for taking so long to post a new update!!

Addison is doing fantastic!! She is such a good baby who is full of smiles and laughter!! Just this past week she has started babbling/talking non stop!! It is so fun to hear her little stories but also a tiny bit sad since we wonder if her and Landon would now be talking back and forth. We are still so very thankful to have her.

She is also very alert and SO curious!! She does not miss a thing!! She loves looking at books, playing with toys, or just looking at her hands :).When she rides in Mommy's car, she loves to look out the sunroof!!  She is able to roll from her tummy to her back without any effort. Tim is trying to teach her to crawl although she can't keep her face off the floor that long yet! :)

She got lots of new books and learning toys for Christmas, which she loves!! We were able to celebrate Christmas a little early with all our family, including hosting the Sall side at our new home. We are so blessed and are excited to see what God has in store for our family in the upcoming year!!

HUGE smiles for Daddy with her teether (no teeth yet)... just loves eating everything!!

One of her my first Christmas onesies...

I LOVE putting headbands on her... but she looks so big!!

She is getting a gut and some chunker thinghs!

Tim took some pics of her under the tree while I was at work Chrismas weekend...

Opening presents... she is small but strong!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now it's official!!

It was a big week for Addison last week (which made the time fly!). Sunday was a very special and bittersweet day--Addison's baptism. The morning of her baptism we realized the day was an extra special day. Exactly one year prior (Dec 4, 2010) was the day that we did embryo transfer--when God gave us our 2 little blessings--and with Landon already in Jesus' arms, we then promised Addison to God as well.
All of the Sall family was there as well as Tim's mom and aunt (which was 3 rows of chairs). We had everyone over to our house afterwards which was great.

Monday we had another development check up with the home health nurse from Early On. Addison is 23 inches long and weighs 10# 7oz!! She is very alert, loves to play with her hands, eat her hands, and hold all kinds of things. She is full of smiles all the time!!  I have packed away her newborn clothes and organized her 3 month clothes. I guess it is time since she is almost 5 months old :).

Here are a couple random pics and some from her baptism.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Bumbo Baby!!!

Addison has been getting so big and so much stronger. She is able to hold her head up for stretches at a time although she can still be very "bobblehead-ish"! I was in a hurry to get to work (I picked up an extra shift on the fly to help out in our busy and full ICU) but she didn't want to lay down. So I grabbed her Bumbo which we had not tried with her yet and plopped her in. She thought she was big stuff! I had her sitting on the bathroom counter in front of me while I got ready and the kitchen counter while I made bottles.

She is about out of newborn size clothes even though she is 4.5 months old. :) Time for mommy to wash and organize the 3 month clothes and slowly pack away the newborn stuff. Time really does go SO fast!!

We look forward to Sunday when we will have Addison baptized. It will be bittersweet for us as we will also be thinking of Landon. We know he will be there with his big sister. :)

We are also continue to work hard on the house and are decorating for Christmas since we will have the Sall bunch over (about 25 people). This is the first year we are able to host the party now that we have a bigger house and are hoping to make it extra special to thank everyone for all the love and support we have received over this past summer.

She was just way to stinkin cute sitting in her bumbo. She was all smiles when Grandpa came to take care of her!

Her hair is getting so long!!.... Too bad she rubbed ALL her hair off in the back except for a small trail at the bottom!!