Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She just keeps growing! :)

Our little Addison isn't so little to us anymore! We remember holding her when she was just 2#12oz and now she is probably close to 5#! To our family and friends, she is still so small compared to other babies. She is just our special little miracle!

She is starting to sleep better at night which is great for Mom and Dad!! She is also eating more! She is up to 60mL (2 whole ounces!) per feeding. According to her pediatrician, a full term newborn baby eats about 2 ounces per feeding and this week she would have been 40 weeks gestation. So she is right on track.

Here is a pic of Addison  right after Daddy gave her a bath. She loves bath time and getting her hair brushed! (which obviously hadn't been done yet :))

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More good reports for Addison!

I took Addison to follow up with the eye Dr on Tuesday this week only to hear more good news! The bleeding in her retinas is improved!! There is no more bleeding in her right eye and very minimal in her left. The Dr said he might not have seen anything in the left had he not known there was some there previously. She does have to be checked again in 3 weeks to make sure her eyes are developing appropriately and that they are aligned properly.

Otherwise, she is growing great and eating more and more. She is currently taking 50mL every 3 hours (just under 2 ounces). She is full of smiles and has great personality already. She even pooped on Daddy's hand :)

Here are a couple more pics.....

Addison waving at Mommy from her bouncy seat

Addison sleeping on Mommy....

Monday, August 15, 2011

I am Growing!!

Addison went and saw the Dr. today for her follow up since being discharged 1 week ago from the hospital. She has been doing well at home and thinks it's her job to keep mommy and daddy up at night. :)

Today she weighed in at 4#7oz and is 18 inches long!! (from 3# and 16 inches at birth) All the nurses kept commenting how small she is and I said "No way!! She is way bigger! We used to say she was itty bitty... now she is just tiny."  :) She really is a great baby and so entertaining to watch!

Here is a picture of Addison cashed out in her car seat after getting home from the Dr.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Monday evening we arrived home from  the hospital WITH Addison!! She weighed 4#1oz at discharge. She really is a great baby and is full of different expressions and faces. We finally got internet yesterday so here are some pics to catch up!!

Tim holding Addison. She is wearing her "Daddy makes me smile" onesie :)

Just checkin things out....

 Addison always seems to be posing even when she sleeps!

 Addison also enjoys her tongue....

This shows just how small and precious she is!! The car seat looks gigantic!

Addison's Aunt Kristy had a sign and lots of balloons when we came home!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Almost home!!!

Sorry for the lack of postings this past week! Tim and I moved to a new home and have yet to get internet hooked up :(.

Addison is doing great!! She is taking all of her feedings by bottle and was able to have her NG tube taken out Friday morning!! She continues to gain weight and as of last night weighed in at 4#!!!!

She had her first car seat test Friday night and failed :(. Her heart rate dropped 5 times although it resolved on its own. They repeated the test last night and she passed!! The Dr who saw her today wanted to monitor her one more night and repeat the car seat test a third time. If all goes well, she should be coming home!! :)

We will post more pics of her as soon as we can!!

Thank you for the many many prayers during the past month. We are truly thankful!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are getting there!!

Addison continues to do well. The nurses are so amazed at how well she is doing for how small she is. She is up to 3#12oz!!! She is just a few grams away from 3#13oz. She is at 34mL every 3 hours for her feedings and tolerating them well. Yesterday, she took ALL of her feedings by bottle-- nothing down her tube!! Last night she did wake up for all her feedings, but didn't drink all of it.

We did take our car seat in to the NICU for her car seat test. In order to pass the test she has to sit buckled in her seat 1.5 hours and have no alarms (heart rate or oxygen dips). This is to make sure she is safe sitting in an upright position.

Her roof is OFF!!! She is maintaining her temperature fine and doing well :)

We are currently at the hospital updating the blog because we moved to our new home yesterday!! I do not have cable or internet hooked up yet :(. I will try to keep the blog up by taking my computer around to get Wi-Fi.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tippin' the scales...

Tim and I got up to see Addison tonight after another hectic day with the new house (and Tim working). She hasn't been doing well taking her bottles the past couple days which was discouraging to us. She is still taking a total of 32 mL whether she takes it by bottle or the nurses putting it through her tube. She weighed in tonight at 3#12oz!!! I think we may have a chunker on our hands ;).

I also spoke with the neonatal opthomalogist since she has had 4 eye tests in the past 2 weeks. Addison has some bleeding in both of her retinas. They do not know what causes this, but it does not affect her vision at all. It is something they will continue to monitor and it will hopefully resolve itself. So far it has not gotten better or worse.

We pray she starts to take her bottles better so she can come home and to get her out of her isolette.
Here is a pic of Addison from our visit today :)

Little Addison continues to grow!! She is up to 3#9oz... she even is getting little chipmunk cheeks :).  Feedings are at 32mL and she is able to drink her entire bottle... but only about every other feeding. She is just still too sleepy. She was still in her isolette yesterday but not getting any heated or humidified air. Hopefully today they can "raise the roof" of her isolette.

Meanwhile, Tim, myself and my amazing family have been hard at work at our new home!! We are trying to get as much done as possible before Addison comes home. We have all been putting in long days and of coarse the A/C broke. So we have been working in an almost 90 degree house everyday. We will be moved officially by tomorrow night!!

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers. We can't wait to take Addison home to our new home!!