Monday, May 28, 2012

Starting to explore Outside

Having a preemie completely changes your day to day living. Everyone knows kids do in general, but we have had to maintain "NICU rules" during flu and pneumonia season to keep out little peanut healthy. We did break the rules every now and then and took her to target, lowes, and very carefully- church.

We have gone for a couple stroller rides around our neighborhood and have walked around with her outside. She LOVES it outside.... she even forgets it's time to eat if you are outside with her.

Checking out the sunshine....

And trying to eat the wind!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We love our weekends together, whether it is a holiday or not! Addison went grocery shopping with Tim yesterday while I cleaned the house and then we all went out to buy a few more plants for our never ending yard work.

Addison knows "SO BIG"!!!, as well as the word "wheel". She loves to watch the wheel the wheel spin on wheel of fortune and the price is right. I know that is sad ;)

It was time again too to rearrange her closet and drawers because she keeps on growing!! I peeked in our "preemie tupperware" and cannot believe she once was too SMALL to wear preemie clothes!!

Today... we are sitting inside in the A/C watching the cubs and tigers.

A couple more pics....

We know she looks a little like a boy but we had to put a Cubs hat on for the game!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Months... seriously!?!?!?

Our little peanut is growing so fast!!! She is starting to pull herself up with some help. When we hold her hands to stand, she will take some steps....but she does not have her "land legs" yet! She giggles, snorts, blows hard in and out through her nose while scrunching it up and squinting, and LOVES to wave when anyone comes home.

She makes us laugh each and every day!!

 Here are a few 10 month pics from the other day....

Her "Pirate Face"

She has lots of hair!!! And it is fun to play with ;)
She also can do a lot of tongue tricks that we can't!!

If you look super close... you can see her bottom 2 toofers through her pipe!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy Wins!!!

Our little curious monkey is always up to something!! Lately, she would rather play ALL day than take naps. She was clearly tired and I had a lot to get done around the house. I was tired of trying to get her to sleep because she was just not giving in. Because she HATES when I leave the room, she generally goes with me everywhere throughout the day. The Early On nurse says her attachment is a good thing and she is actually ahead in her emotional development (I know that sounds funny!).

Long story short.... I put her in her stroller and pushed her around the house. We made 3 good laps around my 2000+ square feet and she passed out. I successfully got her out of the stroller and into her crib for a lovely afternoon nap so that I could do my house work. :)

I don't know why... but she had to hold on to the side tabs (they hold her car seat on) while she rode. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Little Snugglebug!!!

We just can't get enough of our snuggly babe!! These days though she is more interested in rolling, squirming, and ALMOST crawling around on the living room floor.

She is spending lots of time with Opa while he is here visiting and loving every minute.

Addison seems to have forgotten how to sleep through the night. Tim has been up with her multiple times at night and sometimes for longer lengths of time.
I am so thankful to have a husband who gets up to help when I am working many long shifts in a row.

Although we have been through and suffered a lot, we remain thankful.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Addison Meets Opa!!

Saturday night Tim's dad flew in from Salt Lake City, UT to stay with us for 8 days. Addison wasn't quite sure about him initially, but that didn't last long!! She now has lots of smiles for Opa and enjoys playing on the floor with him and reading stories!!

We have been exploring new foods with Addison too!! She really likes about anything. She eats oatmeal with bananas, squash, peas, pears, bananas, prunes (helps kick start the poop dept!), and applesauce. She has even licked a lemon and a pickle and likes all of those. I think she will eat about anything!! She loves sitting in her high chair and hold her own spoon (and that way she doesn't grab the one we are using to feed her!)

We are SO close to crawling! She will start the army crawl but then just stretches, rolls over, squirms and wiggles her way to where she needs to go. She never sits still and is super curious about everything!!

She always ends up at the top end of her crib so that she has something against the top of her head.

She loves her high chair!!

Sitting by Opa!!!