Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Happy Babe

We truly could not ask for a happier baby. She is full of energy, laughter, and smiles.

She learns things as fast as we can teach them to her, and never ceases to amaze me. She knows so many objects in the house. You can ask her to go pick out one thing out of her mess of toys and she gets it right every time. She is learning how to put her shapes into her shape house as well as building towers with wooden blocks.

Tim actually left her playing on the living room floor to go to the kitchen and when he came back she had (apparently) used a pillow to climb on the couch and grab the remote. He came back to find her sitting ON the couch holding the remote. My dad taught her how to "send a text". She has her own play phone and if you tell her to send a text...her thumbs start flying. Oh my!

She is not walking all over, but can take 4 steps or so and stand for a while independently. She can run through the kitchen in her walker and even knows what it means to "take a lap around the table" in order to get more cookies. :)

She also can feed her baby doll her bottle, pick her up and pat her back to burp her, and then give her a kiss. :)

She loves to be "so big!" and play pat-a-cake. Knocking over towers is another one of her specialties. :) Sesame street is always a must at 10am and she loves the price is right and wheel of fortune (and she claps for everybody).

She had another neurodevelopment appointment this past Wednesday and did ok. All of her motor skills were right on target. She was TERRIFIED of the physchiatrist who was a big man with a beard, and did not want to do her hearing test either. She is old enough I think to remember doctors and offices and is NOT a fan. There was no explanation as to why she had the seizure back on labor day.

The only poor thing is her weight....ugh. When she was weighed the end of July, she was 16 lbs 8 oz. After almost 2 months she is only 17 lbs. So a whopping 8 oz weight gain. We are waiting to hear from the dietician what they recommend. She eats like a cow, but does NOT sit still!! She burns her calories as fast as she can eat them. She is still in 9 month clothes... a few 12 month.

Even though she is small... she is strong and determined. She is also the happiest, fun loving baby around. I can come home after the worst day but she will run up to me and give me a hug and a kiss. Love her to pieces and wouldn't trade a thing in the world for her!


  1. She is so cute and full of smiles. I am so glad she is doing so well.

  2. oh my word she is too cute! Size means nothing with attitude that big. :)