Thursday, July 26, 2012

One year Dr appt

It is always fun going to the Dr's office to see how Addison is doing, how much she weighs, and how badly she will rip up the paper on the exam table leaving the mess behind EXCEPT when you know there are 5 immunization shots with her name on them waiting for her. I know kids need there IM's and it is a part of life, but I know that I am better at being a nurse giving the shots than the mom holding her daughter down. I gave her some Tylenol in her lunch before we went to her 2pm appt and she actually did quite well. The usual piercing scream that comes after the mouth open with no sound, but after all the pokes, I had a partial bottle ready that she sucked down in no time, burped, farted and was back to laughing and causing trouble. :)

She weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz!!! That is a 1 lb 3 oz gain in the last month! She had only gained 1 lb. previously over 2 1/2 months. So way better!! Still have to take her in for extra weight checks just to keep a close eye, but I was very happy with that. She also grew a little over another inch.

It is now time to pack away the 6 month onesies and move on to the 9 month. She has already been in 9 month outfits for a while, but this is still a big step for Mommy and Daddy. She is just getting so big so fast.

She also can understand a lot of words and phrases! She knows where her ears, nose, and mouth are. She knows where to go in the house to get outside to feed the fish. She knows where her "num nums" are whether she wants a bottle (baba) or food. She says mama and dada all the time. If you ask her "who's home?" she will crawl around to the kitchen to see. She can clap on demand... although sometimes hitting herself in the face and she knows how to wash her hands. She even folded her hands when we prayed yesterday. She also knows highchair, car seat, monkey pool, books, bear, dollie, blocks and has even started to match up her shapes with the correct hole.

She crawls everywhere, walks along furniture, stands alone, and is just constantly on the move!

What happened to our 4 lb preemie that would hang out in her boppy next to me??

Every night we go out to "feed the fishes"!!!

Crazy pool hair


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