Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neurodevelopment Check Up

Yesterday Addison had her home nurse visit to see if she is on track with all of her milestones. This was the first visit that Daddy was there since Mommy was in Grand Rapids for work. She did SO well!! She scored on track in some categories and ahead of track in quite a few others. As expected, she is ahead with word association! She knows so many words and phrases! The nurse was also very happy how she did with gross motor movements like pulling herself up, standing, and how strong she is. The one thing that she is a bit behind in is her fine motor skills. We have been on and off track with this since the beginning. She doesn't try to grab something with just her thumb and first finger... she uses her whole hand which is an "immature" way to do it. Part of me wasn't surprised because we don't practice picking up small things because she would eat it faster than I could take it away!! The nurse always has her try to pick up this small button off a clipboard, but we will practice with the gerber puffs. We tell Addison they are "num nums" or "cookies". :)

Here is our smartie pants demonstrating her word association skills..... "monkey pool" is just outside on the deck. She got herself behind the curtain and was hitting the window to go out.

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